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Another successful NJ DWI defense

I recently represented a client who (like many) experienced a New Jersey DWI charge as his first ever brush with the law. Sadly, his DWI offense was compounded by the fact that he was also involved in a car accident. Fortunately, there were no personal injuries and only property damage....
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NJ man sentenced to 8 years on marijuana growing charge

A South Jersey man who opted to represent himself in court was recently sentenced to 8 years in state prison for growing/cultivating only 17 marijuana plants. This is an instructive story for “what not to do” when charged with a marijuana offense in NJ. I handle many marijuana cases each...
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NJ DWI: Truth in Advertising

If you’re facing a DWI charge in NJ and found my website, you’re likely scared, nervous, apprehensive, and upset. Being charged with a DWI in NJ is a completely miserable experience: ordered out of your car, marched up and down the roadside, handcuffed, taken to the police station, Breathalyzed, and...
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NJ Supreme Court’s new Expungement ruling

On August 10, 2015,  The NJ Supreme Court delivered new rulings on a pair of expungement cases (click the link below): I am disappointed in this decision, although the article does a poor job of explaining the expungement statute and what exactly the Court’s decision means in reality. However,...
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NJ Possession of Heroin Lawyer 2C:35-10A(1)

Depending on the New Jersey county in which you are arrested, your charge of Possession of Heroin may be handled in Superior (Criminal) Court, or possibly remanded to Municipal Court. Heroin possession is a 3rd degree felony in New Jersey, and carries a possible sentence of 3 to 5 years...
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NJ DWI “Mythbusters” question and answer

Below is a helpful “Mythbusters” style Q & A that presents and answers common questions many of my clients ask about DUI/DWI law cases in New Jersey. For more information, call 908-782-5313 today for a FREE consultation about your case: Myth: “My (brother/cousin/uncle/roommate/co-worker/friend at the bar) told me that if...
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