Injury & Accident Law

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Accident victims today face an uphill battle. Insurance company advertisements like to tell you “you’re in good hands,” but if you suffer an injury you’ll soon find yourself up against the “iron fists” of their claims department.

Prior to joining Large, Scammell & Danziger, Scott was a senior associate at one of Manhattan’s oldest & busiest personal injury firms. Call 908-782-5313 today for a FREE consultation about your accident or injury. We handle trip & fall, auto & truck accidents, pedestrian knockdowns, dog/animal bites, and nursing home negligence.

In all personal injury cases, our firm works under a contingency-fee retainer, which means you only pay our attorney fees if we win your suit at trial (or at a pre-trial settlement).

*Note that if you intend to file an injury suit against a state or municipal entity (i.e, a trip & fall on public/government property or car accident involving a government-owned vehicle), you have only 90 days from the date of accident to file a Notice of Claim against the governmental entity which owns, control, or otherwise manages the property. This time limitation has been strictly upheld by NJ Courts, so don’t delay, or your right to file a lawsuit for your injuries could be forever barred. Other technical requirements apply to the NJ Notice of Claim form & process, so don’t take chances- call us at 908-782-5313 for a free consultation.

*Home, weekend, evening, and hospital appointments are available upon request.