NJ DWI: Truth in Advertising

If you’re facing a DWI charge in NJ and found my website, you’re likely scared, nervous, apprehensive, and upset. Being charged with a DWI in NJ is a completely miserable experience: ordered out of your car, marched up and down the roadside, handcuffed, taken to the police station, Breathalyzed, and eventually released with a handful of serious tickets and a stern lecture from a police officer.

Sadly, that was just the beginning of what can become one of the worst experiences of your life.

There’s no sugar-coating it: a NJ DWI charge is a terrible, life-changing, embarrassing, and often downright devastating event. In suburban & rural areas of NJ w/out public transit, the loss of one’s license often means the loss of a job as well.

But what makes it even worse, and in my opinion is “cruel and unusual,” are the countless attorney advertisements that try to take advantage of (and exploit) your fear. Some of you may have already had your mailbox flooded by direct-mail ads from law firms vying for your case, promising to “beat” your DWI and get you right back on the road. Other lawyers boast that their firm “owns the NJ Alcotest machine and have been trained on its operation” and other enticing factoids designed to entice a layperson to hire their firm. To that I say this: I can buy a paintbrush, but that doesn’t make me Picasso. Let me explain what I mean by that:

First, no DWI lawyer in NJ who is representing a DWI client can themselves serve as or testify as an expert in the operation of the Alcotest “breathalyzer” machine. Every DWI attorney who knows what they’re doing will retain an expert to review the entire discovery package provided by the prosecutor, and have the expert “on board” and ready to testify should the case go to trial. My firm regularly retainsĀ DWI Consultants of Lebanon, NJ as experts to review and prepare expert opinion letters on the breathalyzer readings, reports, maintenance records, and other items in your case. I’ve been consistently impressed with their work and professionalism, and the firm is well known to most Municipal Prosecutors in the Hunterdon, Somerset, and Warren county area. Getting the expert “on the team” as early in your case as possible is of utmost importance, as there is limited time in NJ to mount a defense to a DWI charge.

The role of an effective DWI lawyer is to present the expert’s written report to the municipal prosecutor and use it as part of the “big picture” to argue/advocate for the breathalyzer reading to be suppressed and excluded from evidence, which often results in a substantial reduction of the suspension period or an outright dismissal of the DWI charge. It’s also always important to note that every case is different, which is why it’s important you speak with an experienced DWI attorney as early in the process as possible.

My prices are fair and reasonable, and initial consultations about your NJ DWI are always free of charge. I routinely defend clients charged with DWI in all areas of Hunterdon County and other area of central NJ. My office is conveniently located at 117 Main Street in Flemington, NJ. Call me at 908-782-5313 to discuss your DWI case today.


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